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PLDatabase provides a SQL database access library for Objective-C, focused on SQLite as an application database. The library supports both Mac OS X and iPhone development.

Plausible Database is provided free of charge under the BSD license, and may be freely integrated with any application.


To build your own release binary, build the 'Disk Image' target:

This will output a new release disk image containing an embeddable Mac OS X framework and a static iPhone framework in build/Release/Plausible Database-{version}.dmg


Basic Usage

Refer to the API Documentation for details.

Creating a connection

Open a connection to a database file:

Creating a connection

Update Statements

Update statements can be executed directly via -[PLDatabase executeUpdateAndReturnError:statement:...]

Query Statements

Queries can be executed using -[PLDatabase executeQueryAndReturnError:statement:...]. To iterate over the returned results, a instance conforming to the PLResultSet protocol will be returned.

Prepared Statements

Pre-compilation of SQL statements and advanced parameter binding are supported by PLPreparedStatement. A prepared statement can be constructed using -[PLDatabase prepareStatement:error:].

Name-based Parameter Binding

Name-based parameter binding is also supported:

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